Image of Maple Spoon/Glass Beaker

Maple Spoon/Glass Beaker

£2.50 – £5.00
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  • Glass Beaker & Spoon - £5.00
  • Just Wooden Spoon - £2.50
  • Just Glass Beaker - £2.50
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I love my little glass beaker & hand-made maple spoon.

You can use them to warm or cool any of the intense balms. Simply place a little balm into the glass beaker and either place the beaker in a small bowl of hot water to heat OR place your glass beaker into the fridge and keep it in there for when you need to cool headaches etc.

You can also heat facial oils so you have the option to apply them as a special deeply hydrating hot oil facial treatment.

Or use your spoon & glass beaker to warm your Deli Body Oils so you can massage warm into your body, to help release tight muscles.