Image of Balance/Harmonize: Levelling Intense Balm Image of Balance/Harmonize: Levelling Intense Balm

Balance/Harmonize: Levelling Intense Balm


For Skin, Body & Mood.

You can use this gorgeous multifunctional Balm straight from the jar; a warmed balm; or a hot oil.

Orange Neroli & uplifting Grapefruit have been hand-blended with nourishing concentrated vitamin E, healing Calendula, skin balancing Jojoba, hydrating Apricot & pure protective beeswax to help nurture dry skin & uplift/balance senses.

To Warm:
Using your hand-carved wooden spoon, place a little of your balm in your glass beaker. Stand beaker in a little boiling water. When balm starts to melt, stir with spoon. Slowly apply to skin.


i) Massage your balm into a cleansed dry face and neck last thing at night

ii) Use to ease dry patches, feet, rough hands or to bring relief to a weather beaten face.

iii) Place a little under your nostrils so the aroma can help balance mood (also great when you have a cold for easing the sore, rough under nostril patches you can get from blowing your nose all the time!)

vi) Warm & massage into feet, neck, chest, body or feet to help calm

v) Place a little of your balm into your glass beaker & place in the fridge. Once cool massage into temples to help ease headaches or dab on big toes and wrists to help cool.

For ultimate nourishment simply place a small amount of your balm in the centre of your palm, add a few drops of Levelling Deep Night Facial Oil and apply.

Explore & make it your own.